Enabling Discovery

Spatial Genomics is proud to introduce the Gene Positioning System (GenePS). This automated instrument performs high quality spatial genomics experiments as part of our complete spatial platform that includes automated instruments, reagents, and analysis software. The GenePS is easy to use and offers unparalleled detection efficiency and background rejection.

We built the GenePS to enable discovery. The high resolution and highly multiplexed spatial data produced by the GenePS will advance fundamental biology and human health. We invite you to learn more about our unique system.

Location, location, location…

The GenePS pinpoints gene expression within cells. It offers the flexibility to assess the expression of a few or of many genes. One can map cell types with a small number of genes or probe more genes to investigate cell-to-cell interactions and molecular pathways. We offer off-the-shelf and custom panels of a couple hundred to over 1000 genes, along with multi-omic options.

Explore a sample by visualizing cell type organization at the tissue level or zoom in to see the position of each gene with subcellular resolution. Our analysis suite allows users to explore samples with ease. See results at different levels of detail to reveal new insights.

Quality Data

We are committed to providing the platform with the highest quality data. Take a moment to explore some of the data we generated using the GenePS. Follow the links to download sample data sets!